August 05, 2021

Confused and anxious? Two certificates worth getting! High gold content! test


Now the papers are getting more and more serious, these certificates cannot wait until the homework is completed! If you can have some certificates with higher gold content, you can increase your competitiveness in the workplace! We can combine our own actual situation and be targeted during the college entrance examination!

1. Basic category

1) CET-4 and CET-6

Nowadays, almost everyone has a certificate of level four or six. Although the job you are applying for may not be related to English, if you do not have an English certificate of Band 4 or 6, you will lose points in the interview, because this certificate also represents your learning ability to some extent.

Application conditions: students (cannot apply after graduation)

Exam time: Written exam time is June and December each year

Especially students who are not majoring in computer science, as well as students who need to develop in the direction of computer in their future careers, will improve their basic computer skills while studying, which is indispensable in the future workplace. The number of people who have obtained a second-level computer certificate is the highest in the country, and it is also one of the necessary certificates for fresh graduates to apply for a job.

Entry requirements: Applicants are not restricted by age, occupation, education, etc.

Exam time: March, September, and December each year

3) Driver's license

2. Professional

1) Teacher qualification certificate

If you want to work as a teacher or test the establishment of a teacher, a teacher qualification certificate is indispensable. It is best to take a college certificate, so that you will have an advantage when looking for a job. At present, the education and training institutions reorganized by the country are mainly not professional enough. Many teachers do not have teacher qualification certificates, so you may be a hot spot in the future!

Enrollment requirements: meet the academic requirements stipulated in the "Teacher Law", you can apply for the exam after the third year of university

Exam time: Generally held in March and October each year

2) PMP

This certificate may be more difficult. If you want to develop in business management in the future, this certificate is very conducive to career development, and you can refer to it according to your actual situation!

Explanation of application conditions:

The first category is not limited to education, but at least 26 years old. Project management experience is not necessarily in work, but also in life and study

3) Second foreign language certificate

According to the statistics of Fortune 500 companies in 2015,

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is divided intoN5考試-n 15 levels, n 1 is the highest level. Japanese companies (54 Japanese companies in the Fortune 500)

TEF: French proficiency test approved by the French Ministry of Education. French (31 French companies in the Fortune 500)

The World Korean Language Certification Test is divided into 6 levels, 6 of which are the highest. South Korea (17 South Korean companies in the Fortune 500)

Others, such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc. , Because of China’s economic exchanges with South American countries and oil cooperation with Arab countries, there are bright prospects. Studying German law is not only for finding a job, but also for applying to study in Germany or France.

4) Junior accountant

Intermediate and senior accountants need work experience to apply for the exam, so accountants are the first choice for students, especially accounting students.

Entrance requirements: High school degree or above recognized by the Ministry of Education

Exam time: Generally in May each year, the exam content includes two subjects: "Economic Law Fundamentals" and "Basic Accounting Practices"

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