August 30, 2021

What are the symptoms of arrhythmia? Keep 4 tips in mind, or help regulate arrhythmia

Difficulty breathing

When an 心律不正治療 arrhythmia occurs, people will have difficulty breathing, but this situation will not last long. Many people will think it is overworked chest suffocation and often don't care. It is recommended that if you cannot breathe normally, you must take measures and go to the hospital for treatment.


If you suffer from arrhythmia, you will feel like you really want to sleep, you still don’t wake up after sleeping for a long time, and you don’t have energy all over your body. If this happens, put down your work, sit down to rest or drink some water, and wake up after the symptoms disappear to prevent accidents.


If palpitations occur frequently, it may also be a symptom of arrhythmia. It is recommended not to perform strenuous exercise or high-intensity work at this time, which may cause myocardial infarction, which is very dangerous.


Some people feel very upset when the heart rhythm is abnormal, because a slight arrhythmia basically does not make the heart abnormal, but people's mood will be greatly affected, there will be greater mood swings, because a little thing will make you angry .


Some friends suffer from arrhythmia and often have dizziness symptoms, while dizziness and other dizziness symptoms caused by arrhythmia are different, often accompanied by panic. If this happens frequently, do not delay, and find out the cause in time. treatment.

Chest tightness

It should be said that chest tightness is the most obvious symptom of arrhythmia, which means that the human heart cannot beat in a normal rhythm. Too fast or too slow will cause physical discomfort. For example, if the rhythm is too slow, people will have difficulty breathing and chest tightness, while too fast will make people feel flustered. Therefore, if chest tightness occurs, you must sit down and relax, try to keep the indoor air as fresh as possible, and call the emergency number in time when it is severe.

Proper diet

For patients with arrhythmia, they should pay attention to their daily diet, which is healthier and has a protective effect on the heart.

What are the symptoms of arrhythmia? Keep 4 tips in mind, or help regulate arrhythmia

Eat less irritating foods and avoid greasy foods. Most of these foods are high in calories and have a high fat content. After entering the body, they will not only cause fat accumulation, but also increase the burden on the stomach, causing digestion difficulties and flatulence. Therefore, the intake of diet is very important. Pay attention to the combination of diet, so as not to increase the load on the heart and cause arrhythmia.

Proper exercise

If you suffer from mild arrhythmia, you must always exercise, which will delay the development of the disease. Regular physical exercise every day can relax the body, speed up blood circulation, and relieve the symptoms of arrhythmia.

But be careful not to over-exercise, try to choose low-intensity exercise, such as yoga, Tai Chi, running, etc., to avoid heart stimulation and cause physical discomfort.

What are the symptoms of arrhythmia? Keep 4 tips in mind, or help regulate arrhythmia

Quit smoking and drinking

Patients with arrhythmia should improve their living habits, try not to stay up late, go to bed early at night, and ensure adequate sleep. At the same time, the most important thing is to quit smoking and drinking, because excessive drinking and smoking will stimulate blood vessels, affect the normal operation of the heart, and cause frequent attacks of arrhythmia. Although it is difficult to quit smoking and drinking, you are determined to quit and I believe you will succeed.

Keep a good attitude

When encountering difficulties, keep calm, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, avoid causing great mood swings, and don't get agitated, otherwise arrhythmia is prone to occur. In addition, patients with arrhythmia should avoid overwork, arrange work and rest time reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and pay attention to rest.

I hope you can remember the symptoms of arrhythmia, it will be of great help in the future.

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